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December 30, 2009 / Don Sanders

Top Ten Song on My iPod for 2009

I really thought that more Coldplay would make it into the Top Ten this year, but the fact that U2 released a new album probably pushed everyone else out.

10.  City of Blinding Lights by U2.  This song is the ringtone on my phone for my wife.  It always reminds me of her.

9. Levitate by U2.  This is from the fan club CD.  Classic U2 from the All You Can’t Leave Behind sessions.  Can’t believe they didn’t put this song on the CD.

8. 42 by Coldplay.  I really took hold of Coldplay this year.  Viva la Vida is just an amazing record.

7. Native Son by U2.  Another one from the fan club CD.  This is a previous version of Vertigo, which in some ways is actually better.  Nearly all of the lyrics are different, but it still rocks.

6. Stand Up Comedy by U2.  One of my favorite songs from No Line on the Horizon.  I was very disappointed they didn’t play it in concert.  Kind of a bluesy tune with some funky lyrics.

5. One Tree Hill by U2.  A former #1 (from 2007), this has got to be one of my top five favorite U2 songs.  It you really listen to the lyrics, there is a very powerful message of hope of the resurrection tucked in there.

4. In a Little While by U2. Last year’s #1, this great love ballad slips a little.  It made the rotation on their tour this year complete with astronauts from the space station making live appearances during the song.  Of course, they didn’t play it at the concert I saw.

3. Mysterious Ways by U2.  Another former #1 stays in the top ten.  Yes, it was played in concert this year and no they didn’t play it in Chicago when I saw them.  Very disappointing.  It is still one of my top five favs of all time.

2. Get on Your Boots by U2.  This was the first single from the new album, which is probably why it made this years top ten list.  It is kind of like Vertigo, part 2.  It’s the story of how Bono was on vacation with the family and saw fighter jets tear overhead on their way to start the gulf war.

1. Magnificent by U2.  This is the best song on the new album and could just about be sung in church.  Nearly every contemporary worship band sounds like U2 (which is fine with me), so they might as well sing the same songs, right!

Honorable mentions for 2009…Cemeteries of London (Coldplay), One Headlight (Wallflowers), Death and All His Friends (Coldplay), No Line of the Horizon (U2), 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins), Sgt Pepper (The Beatles), and Unknown Caller (U2.)



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  1. Jared / Jan 4 2010 3:10 pm

    There is only one solution for you missing so many of your favorite songs at the U2 concert. Next time they have a concert tour, you NEED to go to more concerts. Think in terms of TOUR not just single concert. Problem solved!

  2. F.T.L. / Dec 21 2010 4:38 pm

    as much as i love u2, im gonna go ahead and just get you some more music besides u2 and bands that steal from u2

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