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December 18, 2009 / Don Sanders

Why Study Church History? part 9

The study of church history keeps us relevant to our culture.

            This past presidential election nearly witnessed a first.  Mitt Romney came close to running for President.  If elected, he would have been the first Mormon president.  Most people who feared having a Mormon in the White House had absolutely no idea where the Mormons came from or why they are considered a cult.  A study of church history, though, would have answered these questions and kept those people relevant to the current culture.

            Church history is useful for keeping relevant to pop culture as well.  A new movie or book regularly is released that questions the history of the church or Christianity.  Bestselling author Dan Brown has sold millions of books doing just this.  Knowing the truth about church history helps to either confirm or refute what these books or movies present as truth.  I had many conversations with people who read these books (The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons) and thought that they were historically accurate.  When Christians know the facts, though, it keeps us engaged with the culture and sets us up as a place to get the truth.


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